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why are you here?

Since age eight, I have wanted to build myself a lovely space where I can work quietly and store treasures. Much of this site is designed for that purpose. Its primary audience is my future self.

For all other visitors:

Before you go on, here is a timer you can set to decide how soon you want to get back to doing deep work, engaging with loved ones, or prioritizing sleep.

  • Do you delight in cat photos? If so, please enjoy Bella’s gallery.
  • Are you pursuing one of the three aims below? If so, welcome! Please check out the dark links that match your purpose. (Light links are placeholders to nowhere as yet.)

Otherwise, as a serious fan of Time Well Spent, I recommend that you immediately invest your precious minutes and attention elsewhere.

I am here today to:

find learning community for a career pivot

Here are the three Josephine has found most consistently helpful for data, design, and teamwork in 2020–2021:

learn about Josephine as a prospective teammate or consultant

For recent foci and work history, check out: