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looking both ways

2020 was an unforgettable year. But why memorialize it in my site domain?

When I purchased that January, I had no idea what was coming on a global scale. I was simply excited to celebrate my 40th birthday in a year whose digits evoke both perfect vision (20/20) and the clarity of hindsight.

The number (20+20 = 40) seemed appropriate for marking the midpoint of my life, a time to consider both past and future, especially during a career pivot.

Looking back, this site is a place to process my work history and review key influences.

Looking ahead, it offers a canvas to practice the skills and perspective I want to have a year, five years, or decades from now.

And looking around, I have long wanted to build a beautiful space to collect treasures.

If you are visiting, here is a map for you.

map for me:


An introverted cousin of the blog. Unlike its popular relative, prefers not to be followed.

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