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teamwork sampler

It feels good to be able to hand off to Josephine and know that the result will be better than you imagined.


I don’t believe we would ever have accomplished what needed to happen for the RET refresh launch in December without her skills, commitment, and strategic thinking.

~ Maggie Potapchuk, President, MP Associates, Racial Equity Consulting | Supervisor, Sept 2020–present



Josephine has been proactive in engaging and maintaining relationships with stakeholders to determine goals and direction.

Since lead-drafting our report for the 2020 hackathon, she has been involved in every aspect of the project

~ David Bowden, Technical Co-Lead for MATchMapper Philadelphia | Teammate, Feb 2020–Jun 2022


Throughout her work with EMEL, Dr. Dru focused on project outcomes, coordinated personnel, resources, and information to achieve those outcomes, and maintained clear communications at all times … She was a valued team member and appreciated by her colleagues.

~ Mike Phelps, Executive Director, Early Manuscripts Electronic Library (EMEL) | Supervisor, 2016–2018


online libraries

My contributions to the two web-housed libraries below illustrate my experience (and delight) in juggling the many components and dependencies involved in building and maintaining a good online space for people to visit and use.

2020 data management & navigation aids

for RACIAL EQUITY TOOLS: migrating an online library with 2,500–3,000 resource listings to a different web platform while upgrading search capabilities & resource-update processes

“I met Josephine last fall, when we had an immediate need for support in the final phase of refreshing the [Racial Equity Tools] website. … At the time, a new search process was being created and each of the resources had to be tagged [for a new database]. … Josephine quickly absorbed the task at hand, asked a lot of questions, then joined team meetings, and quickly had a broader vision for the project.

As different issues came up, Josephine tackled each problem and was also extremely helpful for our website designer/developer, first, because she understood the issues he was grappling with, and second, because of her creativity in finding different ways to remedy the situation, whether it was related to the search process, or a pop-up member form.

She expertly organized the clearinghouse of resources to ensure they would be accessible to our users, and set up systems so we can track work over time. …

The metaphor Josephine proposed, likening our 98 topical pages to different “bookcases” (within our four major library sections), framed our intricate site map more understandably for visitors.

Josephine proactively identified ways to improve the site:

Homepage, December 2020, freshly migrated to Wix

and took the initiative to address issues while also checking in with me and ensuring the communication loop was complete. She was instrumental in thinking through how-to tips for our new Search system, to ensure our users had the necessary info to find the resource or tool to support their racial justice work.”

~ Maggie Potapchuk, Racial Equity Consultant and RET Lead Curator

2018 navbar design & creation of user guide documents

for SINAI PALIMPSESTS PROJECT RESEARCH SITE: beta launch facilitating access to over 70,000 digital images of ancient manuscripts, with contributions by 30+ scholars and specialists from 12+ countries

Exploring Images with Mirador Tools”
(pages 15–16 from “Navigating This Site”)

If we dialogue about a collaboration, potentially relevant highlights I can discuss from this project include:

  • Dependencies involved in creating the ten documents listed in User Guide Contents, then linking them all (with stable, comprehensible URLs) to summarize each one’s purpose in a single file.
  • Dependencies involved in identifying steps and getting accurate screen captures for each facet of Navigating This Site: searching manuscripts, browsing scholarly metadata, using the Mirador viewer, comparing multiple images, saving and retrieving work sessions.
  • How I navigated the opportunities and challenges associated with my joining this project at a late stage in its history (after all the beautiful achievements documented on the Project Background site) to provide beta-launch support.