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SWD week 02: mobile redesign

The Animal Kingdom’s Longest Migrations
By Lance Smith | August 2019

Theft-worthy: Animal top tens are interesting! I also like the option of both views—radial draws attention; bars do clarify more information.

Improvable: Centered text looks messy; even on mobile might look nicer with left-/right-only. (Try a quick realign this Saturday to see?[*])

[*]Actually, per Thursday critique session with Max, note other top updates too, e.g. nixing key for desktop view, shortening # labels (not particularly meaningful) or hiding those in tooltips, perhaps with km/mi options, finding a better Earth view that doesn’t have blue/green mix behind animal labels

Eat Local with Thomas Jefferson
By Kate McKerlie | 9 August 2019

Theft-worthy: Square video with silent (pre-2020 = accommodating open office!) storytelling. Models value of questions and pithy text.

Video here

Improvable: Develop response with third point (ending feels too abrupt after just salsafia and potato examples). E.g. incorporate weather change as a question? (Per writeup for pre-mobile work)

Billion$ in Fraud
By Will Strouse | August 2019

Theft-worthy: Utilizing vertical portrait scroll as a storytelling plus (journey downward with signposts)! Cf. Neal Agarwal’s “The Deep Sea

Also, I like that this visual emerged from a horizontal attempt that looked ridiculous.

Improvable: Abbreviate #s to horizontal? Actually no: I think their verticality works here functionally (we don’t need to be able to repeat them, just see scale) & aesthetically (good cushion for last 7 logos). Okay: just copyedit ; to : in final caption!

Arsenal FC, Season 2018–2019
By Praveen P Jose | 6 August 2019

Theft-worthy: Simple to/fro navigation from overview screen.[^]

Improvable: Change arrow icons on overview to match those on stats screens. (Current choice implies video play.)

Cf. Tableau Interactive

[^]This is how I would set up page 2 of my interactive resume (highlights by role tasks) if I created a mobile version

Changing face of the English Premier League | By Simon Rowe | August 2019

Improvable: Left-justify title and story text at top; copyedit & reword both to bring out story more clearly, e.g. The “English” Premier League goes international, from 25 years ago to now.

Road accidents in Slovenia | By Elvira Nassirova | August 2019

Improvable: Communicate data story in title, at least in second (final) view.

Theft-worthy [BOTH]: Show change over time with two views on mobile—simple L/R columns or successive Instagram-square views. Each fits its story well.

[placeholders turned into useful compilation | time cost ~40m (10:40-11:20 PM, Sunday, April 11)]