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data & design for
義: justice &
善: kindness

理: reason &
解: understanding

Back in December 2019, I was admitted to both the Data Analytics and UI/UX Design programs at Springboard.

I enjoyed the second “entry exam” more (fonts, colors, and a mini-redesign based on a user interview). But at the last minute, I chose Data Analytics on the understanding that its curriculum had had longer to mature.

It is now April 2021, and two local B Corporations whose missions I love are hiring UX designers. Both roles call for substantial experience.

How much should I regret not taking the UX/UI training path?

This portfolio demonstrates a combined strength and weakness of my career transition choices so far: learning too many new skills and tools at once, while engaging worthwhile projects on interesting topics in several new fields.

The advantage of these patterns is that I have gotten involved with a wonderful tapestry of learning communities, teammates, and critique buddies through shared or similar purpose.

Size represents my degree of involvement with the project or community and its relative influence on my career transition. Color shows timing: orange for past, red and purple for present and continuing.

The disadvantage is that I have yet to progress beyond advanced beginner or early intermediate for most of my new tools and skills.

The following collection introduces my design process and work interests through 3 team projects and 2 solo creations drafted for community challenges.

team projects

data management & navigation aids

for 2020 site migration of Racial Equity Tools

coordinating user guide documents

for 2018 beta launch of Sinai Palimpsests Project Research Site

research, design, and writing

For 2020 report & presentation on Team 8’s mapping of buprenorphine availability and need to identify actionable insights

project coordination & design

Centralizing public health directories to improve information access and data management for medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in Philadelphia

*BACKSTORY details are password-protected to respect the privacy of stakeholders and teammates, particularly when discussing work in progress. (Please use password provided with my job application or collaboration followup note.)

community challenges

decision fatigue & survey design
translating money to time: clean water systems for people in Piura, Peru