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an annual international survey

Today the Data Visualization Society (DVS) launched its 2021 State of the Industry Survey—the third edition since the DVS was founded in early 2019; the fifth since Elijah Meeks inaugurated the tradition in 2017.

I am writing this post mainly to archive photo credits for the cover image above. Fellow committee member Jill A. Brown and I collaborated on its design for our article about the survey in the DVS journal Nightingale.

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I also had fun exploring how other practitioners visualized the past two years’ survey data, and creating a dashboard story for this month’s Storytelling With Data (SWD) challenge. The process helped to refine 2021 answer choices for the question about hourly pay. The mini-project will hopefully alert interested SWD community members to participate in the DVS survey and subsequent data explorations.

More to come…

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